Our Beloved Country, Philippines Is Part Of The Avengers: Endgame Movie

We will not going to spoil you bu yes just a little bit warning!

This is another reason why it is so much fun here in the Philippines. Who would have though that part of the scenes from the most loved movie of this year, Avengers: Endgame was shoot here in the Philippines.

Just like its predecessor “Avengers: Infinity War,” Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” was also partly shot in the Philippines, an international production company working with Marvel Studios confirms.

In its Facebook page, Indochina Productions revealed that it is among the production companies that worked on the movie in the Philippines. The film under their Filmography section and captioned the screenshot: “Super proud to have been part of AVENGERS: END GAME and also get credited for our work in The Philippines”

Members of Indochina Productions’ team confirmed in the post’s comments section that the aerial and ground shots of the villain, Thanos, going to what seems to be a Filipino nipa hut or “bahay kubo,” were shot in the Philippines.

It is unclear though if the movie’s stars went to the Philippines to shoot the scenes. Yet it still made us all feel very proud that in so many countries all over the world, Philippines is included on the places where Avengers was shoot.

On the said post it was also showed a screenshot which includes “Avengers: Endgame” with a budget of $400 million and a global gross sales of $644 million as of April 29; and “Avengers: Infinity War,” with a budget of $321 million and a gross worldwide sales of $2.05 billion.

Last year, the previous Avengers film also caused quite a stir after the last scene of the movie featured Thanos at the Banaue Rice Terraces.
This is just a really amazing news for every Filipino fan who was been with the Avengers for the last 10 years.