Asong May ‘Ma-Attitude’ na Pose sa Social Media, Kinaaliwan na mga Netizens

This dog should have his own Instagram account!

For many social media influencers, it takes hundreds of selfies before they get that one, perfect, Insta-worthy shot. It isn’t easy to take a good shot, especially when haters are ready to comment and criticize. This is one reason why some users get professional photographers to take that perfect shot, so that they can get the likes and hearts they long for. However, there are people (and animals), who do not need a professional photographer to look good on social media. Some are “naturally beautiful and/or photogenic that it doesn’t even take a few pictures to get a perfect shot.

However, being photogenic is not solely for people. As a matter of fact, pictures of cats, dogs, and other animals are more noticed online, and is liked by millions of users. Because who doens’t love our furry friends, right? They can be cute and funny, that many netizens can’t get enough of them! Still, there are a few pets who stand out, especially when photographed at a perfect time and angle. One dog is now gaining fame, after its owner posted a picture showing how the dog was showing a a little bit of attitude with its pose.

The dog has both of its front legs crossed, while she looked down sadly, as if posing for a photoshoot!

Netizens found the picture funny and entertaining, asking the owner to post more photos of the dog. However, many pet owners claim that making a pet pose can be hard especially when they don’t speak human language. Animals are limited to a few actions that are ordered by their owners, and it sometimes takes years to train them. Hopefully, the owner can take more pictures for the dog’s new fans on the internet!