Pinag-Iingat ang Publiko sa Paglabas ng Maraming King Cobra Ngayong Tag-Init

Recently wildlife conservationists announces that public should beware of a huge number of “King Cobras” and other poisonous snakes this summer season.

According to Emerson Sy of Philippine Center for Terrestrial and Aquatic Research or PCTAR, King Cobras or “Ophiophagus Hannah” will have a chance to appear because this is their breeding season. According also to him, King Cobras are eating other small snakes.

Since March almost cobras was already seen and killed by residents of Quezon, Laguna, Batangas, Aurora, Bohol, South Cotabato, Sarangani, Davao Oriental, Bukidnon and Compostela Valley.

Photo Courtesy Youtube / Davidsfeed

King Cobras are often found in the deep forest where there is many grass and trees. Yet most of the time they have the chance to go on residential areas, and that is something we should beware of.

An advice by Sy, the moment you see a cobra on your way better leave it alone. You might get in more danger if you will catch it or kill it most especially if a person don’t have a proper training on catching a snake.

Photo Youtube / LouB747

Since a cobra is an “apex predator”. It has a very important role in the eco-system to balance it really well. The number of food of snakes are rats that are the ones killing the plants we have in the farm.

Snakes are indeed somewhat scary and dangerous but we are still thankful that they exist because they help us balance our eco-system.

Always remember that when you encounter snakes better be sure that you are in the right position to capture and catch it so that things won’t go anymore worse.