Pinagpalit sa mas maganda sa kanya, isang dalaga ang nagpasya na magpapayat at gumawa ng pagbabago sa sarili

“Change is coming” especially when someone is determined to do so. That’s what happened to a girl in Vietnam.

A 20-year old girl shared her experience on how she got the body that everyone admires to have.

Photo Cong Vien VN

When she was 19, Quế Hương wants to be a flight attendant someday. But, if you look at the previous photo of Que Huong, you will not think that this girl is currently a flight attendant – a career that requires a lot of looks.

She sees her self as heavy and bulky that she didn’t even want to see herself in the mirror. This appearance also made her despise and tease. The culmination is that after she broke up with her ex, discovering that his new lover is “nicer” than she is, she is determined to lose weight.

Starting from borrowing a large amount of money to sign up for a year-long gym with a guide, the girl rushes to lose weight. Besides the sweaty hours on the floor, Que Huong also paid attention to eating: Abstaining from all fat, follow a strict diet from the beginning. Eat lean meat, fish, cows, potatoes, chicken breast, eat lots of vegetables.

Photo Cong Vien VN

After successful weight loss, Huong enrolled in English and applied for Jestar’s flight attendant examination. A new life seems to have opened to her.

Photo Cong Vien VN

She said, “’The most important thing about this change process is perhaps self-awareness of the importance of weight loss, right from the start.”

Photo Cong Vien VN

“Now it’s different. Out on the road they look at me with admiring eyes, many people pay attention to praise. Now, looking back on the old photos, I only regret why I did not lose weight earlier, to have a better youth,” she ended.

Source(s) Tiin VN Good Times