Reaksyon Ni Nadine Lustre Matapos Ng Balita Na Hindi Na Si Liza Soberano Ang Gaganap Na Darna

“Darna” is indeed an iconic role. Who would not love to be it?

Nadine Lustre, a singer and an actress of ABS-CBN did not admit nor deny that she wants to be the next Darna after Liza Soberano backed out from taking the role. She has been among the most suggested artists to take on the lead role of the famous Pinay superhero film adaptation. However, she believes that it will be given to someone who deserves it.

Photo Nadine Lustre

According to Lustre,

“I mean it doesn’t have to be me, just has to be someone that can give justice to the role.”

Yet on the other hand she also thanked her fans for trusting and believing that she is suitable for the role.

Photo Nadine Lustre

In a report, the 25-year-old actress was asked if it means she doesn’t want to take the role, and she responded with “it depends.”

She also added that,

“I really don’t like to say I wanna do it or not because mapupunta talaga ‘yan sa kung sinong may deserve.”

While in a recent interview, Angel Locsin, who also portrayed Darna more than a decade ago, also aired almost the same opinion as Lustre.

“Ang bato talaga ni Darna, namimili ng tao. Hindi basta basta lang,” Locsin said.

(The stone of Darna really chooses the right person to portray her.)

Nadine  also sympathized with Soberano, who had to withdraw from the role due to an injury.

“It would have been nice to see her [as Darna] kasi she was working on it na. Sayang. It just means that it’s really not for her and there’s something else bigger that’s meant for her,” Lustre said.

Photo Nadine Lustre

Photo Nadine Lustre

Everyone is now waiting for the next reveal of who will be the next Darna. We are all excited and we only just wish and hope and whoever she is, she can give so much justice on the role given to her.

Source MBLife