Mga Litrato Di Umano Nina Redford White at Babalu Na Kuha Ng Isang Netizen Usap-Usapan sa Social Media

“They re not dead! They re alive!”

This is the exact caption of the post by Cesar Sebastian Jr. about the photos of Redford White and Babalu. On the said post, the both of them looks so alive in a form of two different people as well.

Photo Pinoy Cinema 101

We all know how famous Redford White or Cipriano Cermeño II who died last July 25, 2010 and Babalu or Pablito Sarmiento who died last August 27, 1998 during the early 90’s. They are both such a good comedian and actor. They did lots of movies together and separately.

Being said that both of them were already dead, a Facebook post went viral as it shows the reincarnation of the two comedian. Redford was found in a sari-sari store while Babalu was captured driving a “Pepsi” truck. When you look carefully and vividly on both pictures you can clearly see that they look really the same as Redford and Babalu. The real name of the people behind the pictures where not indicated but their face resemblance to the two comedian is really fantastic.

Photo Cesar Sebastian Jr.

Is this really an “incarnation”?

In Christian theology, the incarnation is the belief that Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity, also known as God the Son or the Logos, “was made flesh” by being conceived in the womb of a woman, the Virgin Mary, also known as the Theotokos. It is a person who embodies in the flesh a deity, spirit, or abstract quality.

Photo Cesar Sebastian Jr.

Some netizens were confuses on what to feel. Is it really funny or somewhat very scary as well.

Here are some comments from the netizens:

“Si Kuya june yung nasa Kaliwa…Taga calamba yan dito samin…nagtitinda yan sa canteen ng school namin…But now hindi na…Akala ko nga dati sya si Redford white e

“Parang Bigla akong tinayuan ng mga balahibo…

Some claims that they know the person in the picture, some where scared and some made fun of it. Yet whatever it may be, we can’t deny how much we miss two great comedians in the Philippine television.

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