May-ari ng Sari-Sari Store, Nakatanggap ng ‘Masasamang Tingin’ Galing sa Ibang Mamimili

Can you imagine the look on their faces?

People across the world are now getting ready for an apocalyptic event that is the Corona virus. They are stocking up food and supplies, just in case the pandemic gets too out-of-hand and uncontrollable more than it is now. Countries are closing down their borders, as more and more people prefer to stay at home and not allow other people into their houses. During this time, many people are thinking ahead, saving up on stocking up on everything and anything they need.

Food and medical supplies are the most bought items lately, with shelves getting emptied at a daily basis. Tissue paper, alcohol, and food are slowly running out as more and more people are buying by the bulk. Sadly, as those who can afford hoard, those who have just enough money to buy stock for a week, are left with the expensive items–if there are any left. To make things worse, some hoarders buy everything off the shelf, and sell them for a rather larger price.

Sari-Sari Store Owner Gets ‘Angry Looks’ from Shoppers for Buying so much at a Grocery Store

In the Philippines, a woman was shamed on social media for selling alcohol bought at P68 for a whopping P750! In other countries people caught buying more than what they need and selling them for a higher price are being banned from stores and online shops. This allows others to be able to buy what they need as well, without the fear of supplies running out any time soon. Governments around the world are urging people to save enough supplies, but not hoard–as these supplies need to be spread among all affected homes and families.

However, not everyone who buys a lot is hoarding. Some are actually helping others by giving away supplies and food, while others are stocking up for their own stores. It is a big help when sari-sari stores stay open, as people prefer to stay at home rather than go out and buy from malls and grocery shops.

As a netizen buys a lot of supplies from a grocery store, he can’t help but notice that people were giving him angry looks. He was lining up to pay for his supplies, which included several baskets of food. Other shoppers were obviously pissed, thinking that he was hoarding supplies and food. However, what they didn’t know is that he was actually buying new stock for their sari-sari store! Though he didn’t say anything while shopping, he decided to post what happened on social media, where netizens found it funny and amusing. A few laughs during this time wouldn’t hurt!