Sepak Takraw Sports Is The Newest Inspiration for an Upcoming Pinoy Anime by Sinag Animation

Sinag Animation Studio or SAS is a Filipino founded group. This group is a new player in the animation industry that develops original animated content for distribution and offers top-notch animation services for local and international clients.

As part of it, Sinag Animation Studio is working on a new Pinoy anime dubbed as Sepak Takraw. Base on the suggested title we can already guess that this anime series will be about the “Sepak Takraw” sport.

But first, let us know first what is Sepak Takraw.

Photo credits to OtakuPlay PH

According to Sinag Animation Studio:

“Sepak Takraw or kick volleyball is a sport native to Southeast Asia, resembling volleyball, except that it uses a rattan ball and only allows players to use their feet and head to touch the ball. A cross between football and volleyball, it is a popular sport in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Sepak takraw was almost definitely based on the Chinese game of cuju (a name which also means “kick ball”).”

“The sport would have been brought in through early trade and had already become popular in Malaysia and Thailand by the early 1400s. Back then it was called takraw in Thai or sepak raga (literally “kick rattan ball”, because the ball is made of rattan) in Malay and played mainly by men and boys standing in a circle, kicking the ball back and forth between them.”

This upcoming anime is very exciting because they will show an authentic sports most Filipinos are playing.

On a Facebook post by Sepak Takraw – The Animation with the caption of,

“Inihahandog ng SINAG ANIMATION STUDIO ang Pinoy anime na magbibigay saya sa larong SEPAK TAKRAW.

Suportahan natin ang likha at gawang Filipino!

Para sa Pilipinas!”


Inihahandog ng SINAG ANIMATION STUDIOS ang Pinoy anime na magbibigay saya sa larong SEPAK TAKRAW.Suportahan natin ang likha at gawang Filipino!Para sa Pilipinas!

Posted by Sepak Takraw – The Animation on Monday, 20 May 2019

Many Filipinos are very excited to witness this especially that it will showcase what Filipinos are offering when it comes to sports.

Are you guys excited?