SM Cinema Reacts On The “Boycott” Social Media Post Regarding Their “No Outside Food” Policy

Several months back, SM Cinema released a new rule of “NO OUTSIDE FOO”. In this case, many netizens react and even a lot of moviegoers felt so disappointed.

A post by John Winkle Wong is now gaining attention after he called on netizens to boycott SM Cinemas for this policy and instead support Ayala Mall Cinemas and Gaisano Malls who give their patrons freedom to choose where they purchase their food.

Wong also mentioned on his post that,

“A lot of paying customers were stopped from the cinema entrance and was asked to surrender the food they bought IN THE MALL or eat it outside quickly, a hungry lady who bought nachos was asked to leave it at the entrance (what are they gonna cover it with huh?!)”

Photo SM Cinema

A lot of netizens second the motion this post because they really felt dismayed as well.

Some netizens commented that,

“When costumers.ask for a refund, they shouldn’t be denied or tricked by just being given a movie voucher. It’s their own money that ur depriving them of for god’s sake.”

“So I can no longer enjoy a warm cup of coffee during the movie. Sad bad SM”

“Not to mention I bought a large bag of popcorn. It was half full and way overpriced. Trying to follow the American business model but failing horribly.”

On the other hand, SM reacted on the said complaints and released a new ordinance saying that:

Photo SM Cinema

On the last part of the newly released ordinance, they encourage moviegoers to buy on their Snack Time food instead of buying outside food.

For some SM became so selfish about this but for the business is business.

It is really said that we cannot bring our favorite snacks inside SM cinema but I guess people have their right to choose they want.