Teen Laments On How He Has Been Raised By Other People Rather Than His OFW Mom

According to him, it hurts that he was raised by other people rather than his OFW mom.

It is no secret that life is hard in the Philippines. Despite getting a degree and years of experience, it is still hard to secure a good-paying job that will last for a while. This prompts many people to try their luck abroad, seeking greener pastures, hoping to improve their lives and that of their families. However, everything comes with a price–and a great sacrifice. Many OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) are forced to leave their children to take of their employers’ kids. They spend holidays and occasions alone and can only call their children who miss them as well.

@Lyn Gonzales

Because of this, many children feel neglected by their OFW parents, not realizing their parents are having a hard time as well. Some OFWs even suffer physical, mental, and sexual abuse, just to be able to send money to their loved ones. To make things worse, many OFWs come home empty-handed as they are not able to save money abroad.

Lyn Gonzales expresses her heartbreak over a video sent to her, showing how her son cries as he says how he feels towards his mom.”Sanay na ako sa ibang tao na mag-alaga sa akin ‘te, ayaw ko na sa kanya. te. Sanay na ako sa ibang tao na lagi niya akong pinapaalaga,” the boy says in the video as he cried. According to the boy, he got so used to being taken care of by “other people” than his own mom and he no longer wants her. “Kasalanan ko ba yun ‘te na nasanay na ako sa ibang tao,” he adds.

Many netizens were touched by the video, especially those who work abroad and have children waiting for them at home. Just like Lyn, many OFWs continue to work for the betterment of their families, even if it means their children will hate them for it. “Alam ng Diyos kung gaano ko kau kamahal. Handa kong itaya ang buhay ko pra sa iyo anak. Sana maunwaan mo rin ang sitwasyon nten,” Lyn explains on her Facebook post, which has reached 30k shares as of this article’s writing.

Thankfully, the mother and son soon reunited a few days after the post went viral.