Isinauli ng Holdaper ang Pera ng Babaeng Kanyang Ninakawan Nang Makita nya ang Balanse Nito

CCTV Footage caught the man smiling to himself as he walked away.

It is a sad fact that many people choose to steal and take away from others in order to survive in this cruel world. But no matter how hard it is for you, always remember that there are people who have it worse than you. This thief learned that lesson and how he reacted to it has the internet calling him “chivalrous”.

Photo Chinese Smacks

In an incident caught on CCTV, a Chinese man can be seen coming up to a woman withdrawing money from a nearby ATM machine at Heyuan, Guangdong province. The man held the victim, surnamed Li, at knifepoint and told her to give all the money she had with her. Fearing for her life, Li handed over the 2,500 yuan ($372) that she has just withdrawn from her account to the assailant.

Not content by the money he received, the unidentified man demanded that LI show her bank account balance and withdraw whatever she had left. LI immediately complied and showed him her balance—which was ZERO! To her surprise, the man returned her money before walking away. Apparently, the man felt bad for LI after seeing that she had nothing left after literally giving him all her money.

The man can later be seen smiling to himself as he walked away.

Photo Chinese Smacks

Many netizens are now calling him chivalrous for giving the money back, hailing him as a hero rather than a thief. While there were a few netizens who thought otherwise, many believed that the man was capable of changing because of how he acted.

Unfortunately for the unnamed man, he didn’t escape justice and was jailed later for his crime.