Nainspire Ang Marami Dahil sa Pagtulong Ng Isang Good Samaritan sa Isang Pulubi

Many people are doing this and posting it on their social media accounts. Some sees it as negative because of the fact they still need to post this kind of deed. Yet let’s think it this way, maybe it is a way for those people to inspire others to help as well.

A post from Franklin Llanita Goden:

“First i saw him , then i feed him, then i shop clothing, then bath him, then brought him to barber shop,then bring him to mc do then show the mall’s life and made him smile .”

Photo Courtesy Franklin Llanita Goden

His action  touched and inspired so many people who saw his post. He really make it to the point to help and do his best to make that man happy even in a day. As part of him posted the photos, he gained different reactions such as:

Photo Courtesy Franklin Llanita Goden

God bless you po. Sana dumami pa ang taong katudlad mo po kuya.

“I don’t know why i’m not impressed..maybe mas ok kung tumulong nalang .ndi na kailngan ipangalandakan.i don’t hate u sir ..i salute you..i’m just stating mg opinion ..”


“Yung iba di daw na impressed,e bakit kayo ba magagawa nyo bayan sa kapwa nyo?  maging masaya nalang kayong may ganyan pang mga tao sa paligid ligid. Just stating my own opinion.”

“Awesome, God blesses those who bless others”

Photo Courtesy Franklin Llanita Goden

There are different reactions and comments yet the point of his deed is only to help and let others know that they can help us well. We can see different less fortunate and homeless people yet we don’t care about them. Maybe its time to show that we care and that we can help them as well. Helping is not only in forms of money but also through time and effort.

Photo Courtesy Franklin Llanita Goden

Photo Courtesy Franklin Llanita Goden

What is your place in this kind of deed? Do you also find it negative because its posted on Facebook? Yet no matter what it is as long as you can able to help other that what is very important.