Umani Ng Iba’t-Ibang Komento Ang Beauty Queen at Model Na Hindi Nakarating Sa Pageant Dahil Sa Kanyang Boyfriend


This is the highlight of Lars Pacheco’s Facebook post for her boyfriend. According to the Facebook posts they were supposed to go to Batangas for a pageant after they attended an event at Quezon City yet a not so good thing happened to her boyfriend, Clyde Vivas.

Clyde was the one driving while Lars is putting her makeup and getting ready while on the road. Lars came to an event at Quezon City and after that, she needs to go directly to Batangas for another event. They drove fast just to be on time. But when they are a few minutes away from the venue, her boyfriend told her that he can feel that his body is numb.

Yet because Lars is getting ready and eager to make it up to the event, she just said:

“wag ka na mag joke late na tayo”

(Don’t play a joke we’re late)

Photo Lars Pacheco

But her boyfriend says that he is not joking. When Lars touched her boyfriend, he is really not okay and he is getting stiff. This is maybe because he is already tired of driving. They head out to the nearest hospital for Clyde’s situation to be checked.

This is when Lars said that as much as she wants to attend the pageant, she just felt sorry for the organizers but she cannot leave her boyfriend behind, most especially after what just happened.

Photo Lars Pacheco

The post of Lars went viral as it already has 60k reactions, 2.1k comments and, 20k shares.

Some of the comments say that,

“Oh my…. get well soon, it’s hard to go up to the venue steep hill. As in… my legs are still painful and I can’t find it because the tricycle climb is not able to do it.”

“Health and wellness should always be a priority. ”

“Right decision… no crown is exchangeable to anyone’s life especially to our loved ones”