Train to Busan Sequel ‘Peninsula’ Poster Release Thrills Fans

Finally, the highly-anticipated sequel is coming to the big screen!

Zombie shows and movies have appealed to the masses in the past decade. From the walking dead, to the Korean hit show ‘Kingdom’, people are totally loving the “thrill” they get from watching these horror shows. Why do we love zombie movies? One reason is that many people are curious as how the world would end, and a zombie apocalypse has always been one of these “endings” people put into consideration. As a matter of fact, there are enthusiasts who actually “prepare” for a possible zombie apocalypse in the future.

Korean hit movie ‘Train to Busan’ (Busanhaeng) was loved by many Korean drama and zombie movie enthusiasts alike. The movie was starred by Gong Yoo and Jung Yu-mi, who were reunited after their 2011 movie, ‘The Crucible’. The story revolves around Seok-woo, a fund manager who has separated from his wife, a workaholic, and absentee father to his young daughter Su-an. The chaos starts when a woman jumps into the train and transforms into a zombie, infecting majority of the people inside the train, causing chaos. A small group of people, including Seok-woo, fight for their lives as they try to survive until the end. Unfortunately, not everything ends good, and not everyone survives.

Fans are now excited to learn that Train to Busan 2: Peninsula will soon come out, with a new (equally hot) lead. Since Gong Yoo’s character dies in the end, ‘Descendants of the Sun’ star Song Joong Ki, Blue Sea actor Lee Min-ho, are said to star in the sequel. How crazy is that? However, there are rumors that Gong Yoo will appear in the sequel for a cameo role–as a zombie!

The sequel’s poster has been released and fans can’t wait to see a glimpse of the trailer and the movie itself!