Travel Vloggers Mula Austria Na-Scammed Ng Isang Pinoy Na Taxi Driver

This couple vloggers used to documenting their pleasant experiences with the Philippines’ tourist spots, Austrian travel vloggers Michael and Nelly recently recorded an ordeal they went through in the hands of a rude taxi driver they hailed from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

It was said that the two boarded a taxi from the airport and asked to be taken to Makati.  While on the road, the taxi driver allegedly asked for an extra fee because of their “heavy luggage.”

Photo via Making it happen Vlog

The said taxi driver, later on identified as Jhumil Bule of Taytay, Rizal, is in danger of losing his license after the incident reached officials of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board and the Manila International Airport Authority.

“Once we left, he said that the meter grade is not valid so that was our kind of concern.  At that time, we took out our phone to document,” Michael said.

Photo via Making it happen Vlog

They said they also told Bule that they have been in the country a number of times and are familiar if they are being scammed.

Michael added, “You can’t charge us for the luggage or we can call your company.”

It was at this point when Bule stopped “in a very strange location” and told them to alight.

Bule also told them to stop taking videos of him, but the vloggers insisted they are doing it “for their safety.”

Bule then started driving fast, prompting Michael to talk to him calmly.

The vloggers were brought to their destination, but did not anymore get the excess amount for the P1,000 bill they paid because Bule said he had no loose bills.

Confronted by MIAA general manager Ed Monreal, Bule was admonished for his acts.

“Filipinos are the kindest, friendliest people that we’ve met and this is the first time in two years travelling to the Philippines that we’ve had a bad experience,” Mike said.