Small Lot, No Problem: This New Design Of House Will Suit Your Small Lot Absolutely

A post from  Sulit De-Senyo went viral. It is about a unique design of a house. The caption of the post goes like this:

“Maliit lang po lupa ko kaya maliit lang din pinagawa ko” ok lang yan MAGANDA naman diba.

Photo Courtesy Batdongsan VN

The post went viral because of the said design. As stated on the caption the said house was built on a lot that is very small. That is why the owner and maybe the architect of the house decided to design and built something that will occupy just the said space of the lot. They built a house that looks like a up and down tunnel wherein one person can only pass the corridor, one at a time.

Photo Courtesy Batdongsan VN

Because of the said design, it gained different reactions when posted on social media. Here are some of the comments:

“hindi to sa pinas, iba design ng plate number ng motor eh. pero ok, nagka idea ako kung sa kabutil na lupa ko hehe.”

“pangguiness book”

Photo Courtesy Batdongsan VN

“Looks like right of way lang din malaki sa likod.”

“Ilang dipa po yan kalahati o isa?ang hirap naman siguro hehehe ano gamit pwd mga ilagay lalot kung mai kama pa hehehe.. pero galing lng kasi polido na gawa😍😍😍😍”

“Ok ok maganda ok yn para sakin masarap uwian”

Photo Courtesy Batdongsan VN

It may be or may not be here in the Philippines but the set up and design is still very new. What do you think about this house?