Wave As The Newest Filipina Marvel Superhero Happen To Be A Cebuana

Marvel superheroes will always have such special space in our hearts. As part of it, we Filipinos are very much overwhelmed that their latest superhero is a Filipina. Her name is Wave.

Photo Greg Pak/TWITTER

At the program named, “Stand for Truth” Wave was introduced and there it was announced that Wave is a Cebuana with a name of Pearl Pangan.

Launched just last March 8 in time for International Women’s Day, a Marvel comic book writer announced a new comic book superhero — a Filipina named ‘Wave’, who lives in Cebu.

Photo Greg Pak/TWITTER

Wave has been described by Marvel as “a mysterious new Filipino heroine.” She has the identifiable Filipino “morena” skin, a green and gold costume, and Philippine-inspired weapons.

It is really fun and exciting to know that one of Marvel superheroes is a Filipina and we can’t wait to read more of her stories. For sure her story will be base on our lives here in the Philippines and about Woman Empowernment.

As part of it, her power can be related to water and technology and on her appearance to War of The Realms storyline, Wave will defend the whole Asia against “Thor” villain that is Malekith.

Photo Greg Pak/TWITTER

Her story is indeed one of the most awaited story of all superhero lives especially here in the Philippines.

I wonder if it will be possible if it can be also transferred into a movie. What do you think? And if possible who will be the perfect actress for this character.

Yet one the other hand, Wave was designed and co-created by Filipino comic book artist Leinil Francis Yu, Wave will appear for the first time in the comics “War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1,” the first of four issues.

This will be available at comic book stores by May 2019. Let’s all support the story of Wave.