‘We’re All In This Together’ and ‘A Million Dreams’ For A High School Musical Finale

Every year a we can really see different graduation performances. This is a tradition we already have here in the Philippines. It most of the times composed of singing a theme song of the batch. We cannot blame the school and the program head for including this because it is indeed such an honor to finish a degree or a certain level in school.

Photo Courtesy Ric Sherwin Verzosa

As part of it, bout 400 senior high school graduates in Holy Trinity College in General Santos City sang and danced to the popular song, which has also been among the favorite graduation songs every year.

Of course, who would miss the ever-popular High School Musical song “We’re all in this together?”

Photo Courtesy Ric Sherwin Verzosa

Not clad in the signature red theme of the famed musical movie, the graduates were instead wearing green graduation gowns but not forgetting to include their own version of mascot, who joined them towards the end of the presentation.

It was even made more special to the Holy Trinity College as it was the first time the school and their parents had witnessed such.

They really exerted so much effort o this this yet the students might have thought that one graduation song is not enough, so they decided to form two graduation songs.

That is why they decided to have another song. It is a song from one of the Greatest Showman’s songs — “A million dreams.”

Photo Courtesy Ric Sherwin Verzosa

The two videos were posted by one of the graduates — Ric Sherwin Verzosa — on his Facebook account. The two videos has gone viral since March 27.

The “We’re all in this together” video has already gained 1.2K likes and has been viewed 43,000 times while their “A Million Dreams” performance has been viewed 29,000 times.

Photo Courtesy Ric Sherwin Verzosa

It feels really proud to finally graduates and this is just their amazing way to show it. Congratulations everyone!

"WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER"GRADUATION DANCE PRESENTATIONHIGHSCHOOL MUSICAL COMING BACK TO LIFEEveryone is special in their own way We make each other strong Were not the same Were different in a good wayTogether's where we belong.Video by Cedrick Laureles

Posted by Ric Sherwin Verzosa on Wednesday, 27 March 2019