Why Your Girlfriend Hates Your Girl Friends

When you have a girlfriend, you must be prepared for your life to change. Sure, there are lots of good changes, but you may also see a side to your girlfriend that was hidden before — the jealous side. The thing she is most likely to have real trouble tolerating is you hanging out with other girls, even though they are just friends. But why?

If you are an average guy, you more than likely have a number of female friends in your life, as well as your girlfriend. They could be neighbors, friends you have had since school, or people you work with. They are people with whom you can hang out, go places, enjoy life and do all of those other great things that you do not want to do by yourself.

You probably never thought of your female friends in a romantic way, or if you have, you would never admit it to them — and those thoughts you have in the shower do not count! Your girlfriend, however, may see them in a completely different light. To her, they can be a threat to her territory. Think of it like those documentaries where you see a pack of wild animals fighting over a dead animal or a piece of raw meat. Your girlfriend is the alpha wolf, the other wolves are your girl friends, and you are the piece of meat clenched fiercely in your girlfriend’s jaws.

Okay, maybe that sounds a little too vicious, but the fact is that many women see their relationships like this (though they’re not likely to admit it). Other females, no matter how innocent they may be, are people who will take your attention away from your girlfriend, and threaten her position as alpha wolf, the sole focus of your romantic feelings.

Your girlfriend also knows something you do not: how other women think. She may take the “logical” leap to deciding that any female who hangs around with you can only have one goal in mind — to steal you for her own. This will make your girlfriend dislike and distrust your female friends even more.

So what can you do about your girlfriend disliking you hanging out with your girl friends? Trying to convince her it is all innocent will only make you seem guilty, or worse.

Your best bet is to let your girlfriend spend some time with you and your female friends, to see what they are like for herself. If she still does not like them and wants you to limit your time with them, you need to decide what is more important to you — your relationship that offers you steady companionship (and sex), or hanging out with your friends, and going back to those wandering thoughts in the shower. The choice is yours.