Winter Version na Litrato ng Metro Manila Patok sa Netizens

“I tested how would it look like If Philippines could sometimes experience winter. ”

A netizen uploaded his edited photo of Metro Manila on Facebook. This edited photo became trending on social medias as it shows a winter version of Metro Manila. Imagine Metro Manila having such a beautiful white snow all over each and every streets of it while people are all wearing something that will make them warm. Another thing will be people playing with the snow. Sounds really good right?

Kurt Ian Ferrer is the talented man behind the artwork. He really did such a wonderful job in creating a beautiful twist in usual hot scenario in the whole Philippines because of the our summer season.

Photo Kurt Ian Ferrer

“I do think it’s good practice to take regal world stuff and put a twist on them ” , he added. 

A lot of netizens were amazed by the edited photos, here are some of their comments on the photo:

Also is that vito cruz LMAO this is amazing”

“Ohemgee you forgot to add the frozen basuras and kalats everywhere

“Gusto ko ung tindahan. May Kyoto vibes”

Photo Kurt Ian Ferrer / Google Images

Kurt also commented on the actual photo he used in editing and we can see there the big difference on the before and after o Metro Manila when Kurt decided to put a twist on it.

Can you imagine if it is snowing here in the Philippines plus if our country is also clean. I’m sure may Filipinos would love to experience it here in our country. I’m sure Filipinos would love to experience cold weather after such a hot summer season.

Photo Kurt Ian Ferrer

Have you seen the photo? What can you say about it?