Babae, Inireklamo ang Kasintahan Nang Hindi Ito Pakasalan sa Loob ng Walong Taon na Relasyon

Woman Takes Boyfriend to Court for Not Marrying Her after Eight Years in a Relationship

According to Kenyan news outlet Tuko reports, a 26-year-old Zambian woman recently sued her 28-year-old boyfriend for not marrying her after being in a relationship for 8 years.

According to Gertrude Ngoma, she wasted 8 years of her life with Herbert Saliki, who never thought of even proposing to her. In addition to that, Ngoma claims that Saliki is in a “sexual” relationship with another woman, which is one of the reasons why he doesn’t want to commit. The couple has a child together, but are currently living separately from each other, making it rather unusual for a couple who have been together for more than 8 years.

Apparently, Ngoma has been staying with her parents, while Saliki has been living on his own.

Image by ohioduidefense

However, when asked by the court regarding their circumstances, Saliki claims that the only reason why he hasn’t proposed yet is because he isn’t financially ready yet. Ngoma, in contrast, claims that Saliki had already made the dowry payment to her parents, but hasn’t actually asked her to marry him yet.

In the end, the judge asked the couple to settle their differences in private instead.