Patok sa Netizens Ang Batang Ito Matapos I-Bidyo Ng Palihim Ang Kanyang Pag Sasayaw

A netizen named Laborie Miñoza Patindol posted a video of a little boy on Facebook with the caption: “AKALA KO NATUTULOG NA”.

This video will surely make your day bright and will spread you good vibes as this young boy’s moves. On the video you can see that the one holding the camera is walking to go inside a certain room inside the house. When opened they saw they dancing. “Super lambot ng katawan ng batang lalaking ito.” You can clearly see on the video how a good dancer this young boy is and how much he is enjoying his solor and private performance.

Photo Laborie Miñoza Patindol

When caught the boy just smile with them like nothing happened while the people behind the camera teased him as they laugh.

Photo Laborie Miñoza Patindol

Some comments goes like this:

“swabe moves hahaha”

” Stephanie Naiimagine ko ung anak mo. Tapos mahuhuli mo. 😂”

As of now the uploaded video has 36K reactions, 2.9k comments and 38k shares. This video is indeed good vibes because it will certainly make you laugh.

Photo Laborie Miñoza Patindol

On the other hand, people may laugh about the video and what was the kid is doing yet this little boy has a real talent in dancing and this is something to be proud of.


Posted by Laborie Miñoza Patindol on Tuesday, 26 February 2019